Gained weight after my competition

& I gained it FAST

Need to re-learn self control for suuureee. I hate knowing what I should be doing and eating and just DOING IT.

I now 100% know how hard it is from personal experience dealing with binge eating (minus the being disordered part). Worst feeling ever. I’ve got this. I will take control again. I will not let this control me. Eating this many calories non-stop is not cool and it’s showing.

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  3. likeatrainonatrack said: feel you! :/ we need some focus!
  4. 58kilos said: It’s not even about self-control. If you restrict that much you’ll end up binging, your body panics and is desperate for you to eat. That’s why I only believe in healthy, long-term habits… x
  5. ohrinaaa-fit said: I feel your pain, I’m 19 weeks out and every week I’m like “okay I’ll eat clean this week” and it’s always a fail. I need to learn self control and stop craving so much food!! Lol
  6. platinum-whirlwind said: A lot of weight though? and from multiple binges? You’ve got this girl, you had it before under your control you’ll get it again :)
  7. laurnrambles said: Can I ask how much you gained? Look on the bright side: having that extra fat and muscle will help you build more muscle!! Don’t be too down about it!
  8. smeowtha said: you may have to try and get your head out of the diet mentality for a little bit, and forget control and get in tune with your body’s cues. idk if this would factor into comp. prep, but that’s what my dietician/nutritional therapist had me do lol.
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