Ahh discovered my new favorite “soda” today while shopping in sprouts. It’s called spindrift :) I got it in grapefruit and it was delicious! Worth the 80 kcal for something made with natural flavoring like squeezed grapefruit and lime, mmmm. Try it out if you ever see it! I can’t wait till our grapefruit tree starts growing fruit again so I can make my own spin off Ha.

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Anonymous asked:
Hey Chelsea! Could you recommend me some good protein powder? And your best way to make a good protein shake (water, almond milk, cow milk...)? Thanks a lot!

I’m really simple with my protein shakes ha I just put some almond mllk and shake it up. If I want to get the blender involved getting a vanilla flavor and mixing it with frozen berries and almond milk tastes delicious. I also love stirring cake batter flavor, cookies and cream, etc. into my greek yogurt! So filling and good :) My protein powder of choice is ON Whey Isolate though and I’ve had some BSN Isoburn samples that aren’t too bad either :) We usually buy ON though. 

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Like cars? Live in Houston? Check out the event @thewhm is hosting on August 16th called blast from the past! Thanks for the shirt you guys :) :)

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(Insert stupid excuse here for wanting to show off my butt) this shoot was by far one of my favorites ♡

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Because THESE are what thick legs actually look like ;D just finished a #campiron leg day and oh man my legs were burning. Specially super setting deadlifts with one legged burpees Ha. @valerie_benoit & @lauriursetta (at Iron Sports Indoor Obstacle Course & Gym)

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Girls with abs

Make me want to go run like 5 miles

but then I get to mile 2 (or 1) and I’m like FUCK THIS.

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Click here to find out why these questions help you.

This is so important!

I never know what to ask and end up looking like a fool cause I don’t have a question prepared.

Don’t be me.


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do u ever start being friends with someone

and then u get to know them 

and its like

no wait 

i dont actually like you

can we stop this friendship thing we have going on

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More at CrossfitnessGirls.tumblr.com


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Anonymous asked:
hey chelsea, do you actually not wear make up anymore? i remember when you used to do make up tutorials back in the day!! :P

Oh no I still wear it ! I just wear it for special occasions usually :) I like to think that I’m still really good at it haha. I just don’t wear it daily (no reason to). 

ain’t nobody got time for that ;)

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