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Have you ever had a pregnancy scare with Josh? How long have you been on bc?

I had pregnancy scares before I even started having sex. I’d be like, “oh my god! we made out! where’s my period?”

I’ve been on birth control for like…5 years now? 

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We’re making extra good use of our GoPro lately :)! I’m in love with it ha. & I finally got an app to music overlay *yay* I couldn’t decide which song to use so I put my iTunes on shuffle and picked the first song lollz. This was from today’s @zuzkalight workout :) pistol squat burpees = death of me. Sporting my favorite @sks_bikinis tank top to workout in!

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If you aren’t following Josh yet on instagram this is all the proof you need to do it! @ironninjajosh  He’s trying to convince me that I can be as badass as him. Yeah…No. 

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Excited for Fall TV shows :) :) 

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Ass shots, gallon of water, stripper pole, animals…we’d def be IRL friends
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Because ass appreciation. I might not have abs but at least I always have a booty LOL

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You guys! I finally made Josh an instagram account so go follow it :) :) it’ll be a lot of parkour, gymnastics, and crazy stuff he does ha.
YouTube video coming soon ! Yay for my boy friend finally catching up with social media (even though I’m running it all for him loll).

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I got tagged by @yogachocolatelove to #stopdropandyoga ha! Saw it while working a 10k in kemah this morning so that’s exactly what I did ha :) :) I tag my favorite girls @lauriursetta @nneettttee @valerie_benoit and @kaylasjoy (at Kemah Boardwalk)

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Eek haven’t posted in awhile! Sorry you guys. Not going to lie I haven’t been crazy busy, but it’s nice to step back from social media and enjoy LIFE. Josh and I took over the mini ninjas program at iron sports so if you know anyone ages 5 to 13 they’re more than welcome to come and try it out! Tuesdays and Thursday 430 - 545 or 545 - 7 :) :)

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Hocus Pocus (1993)

This movie will never get old. 

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Anonymous asked:
Are you mad josh had sex with other girls before you?

I’m sitting here reading this thinking of how stupid a question this is. 

Like am I some 15/16 year old girl thinking, “Oh but I should’ve been your first!” Erg, no. I’m 22 years old. I had sex with other people before him also. I’m no hypocrite. 

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When I realized how much I liked his character haha.

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